Italian style clothing

Koralline is a women’s fashion brand born in 2005, from the idea of a group of entrepreneurs determined to embark on a new fashion project. Within the textile district of Prato (PO), the brand is now distributed through over 1200 stores in Italy and Europe.

Idea, design , material selection, details and modelling, everything is done within our headquarter to guarantee the quality and originality of a 100% Italian style product. The Koralline collection is divided into what we call “the 3 macro moments”.

We always have an informal-casual first part, mainly made up of knitwear, t-shirts, denim and jackets; a second part, daily-formal, which turns out to be the heart of the collection, in which we find all those garments for daily use, the permanent basics and outerwear; then a last group with an elegant-evening connotation, made up of fashion and more refined garments, intended for particular, special occasions.